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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Google has permanently disabled PageRank in the Toolbar

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Heads up! Google has disabled the PageRank API (toolbarqueries.google.com). All requests to the API now return PR0. This means you can no longer see the PageRank of your own or other domains and as far as I know this is a permanent change! All PageRank values you can still see here were requested before 14. April 2016! New domains can not be checked and old domains can not be updated anymore.

What is PageRank?

PageRank is a value calculated by Google for every URL. In the early days of Google it was an important factor for ranking search results, but nowadays it is only one part of the Google ranking algorithm. For most people it is still a very important criterion for buying a domain. Wikipedia got a very good and more detailed explanation about PageRank.
 Google has permanently disabled PageRank

Why do PageRank Checker show PR0 for every Domain?

Google had two versions of the PageRank. The one they use to rank websites with and another one they released in the Google Toolbar visible to everyone. The first one is only available for Google internally (you can't see this value anywhere!). At 14. April 2016 Google disabled the API the Toolbar and all PageRank Checks used.
After that day the API only returns PR0 for every request.

PageRank Checker "xyz" is still showing PageRank Results, so it must still be possible!

All PageRank Checker that still show results other than PR0 show cached results. They have stored the PageRank for a certain number of Domains, but they can't get fresh results anymore. Also because it is not possible to get fresh results anymore, you can't check if what the Checker is saying is valid or not!

Why is it starting at -1?

Normally the PageRank starts with 0 and ends with 10, but if the domain/url is still unknown to Google (in the sense of PageRank anyways), the PageRank check returns a -1. Other tools indicate this with a gray PageRank bar. After a domain is online for a while, it gets a PageRank of 0 from Google.

Why is the PageRank bar sometimes red?

If the PageRank bar is red it is likely that the PageRank is not valid. If you redirect for example the domain ABC.com on to XYZ.com, ABC.com would show the PageRank of XYZ.com after a while. Every PageRank check for ABC.com would show you the PageRank of XYZ.com. If you remove the redirect from ABC.com, it would keep showing you the PageRank of XYZ.com for a while, but it would not have any positive effect on Googles ranking algorithm.
It does not mean the domain owner has done this in bad faith! It is just how the PageRank system works, but if you are buying domains based on PageRank, you want to know if the PageRank you are seeing is real or not. That is why I've added a fake PageRank check to find those kind of domains and to make it easily visible the PageRank bar is colored red.

How does the fake PageRank check work?

There is a very simple way of checking for fake PageRanks. You have to Google "info:ABC.com". If the result you see does not show the domain you requested, the PageRank is fake. If you see the right domain, the PageRank is real. If you don't get a result, the domain is not indexed at the moment and you can't validate the PageRank this way. You can just click on the PageRank bar to see the Google info result and check it yourself.

What does a orange PageRank mean?

I got a lot of messages telling me the fake PageRank check is not working! Why is the PageRank not red for some domains? The PageRank is clearly FAKE! As the answer before stated I use the Google info result to determine if the PageRank is fake or not. As mentioned Google does not always return a result, so it is not always possible to validate the PageRank. That's why I've added the orange PageRank to mark the Domains that can't be validate using this check. There is a filter for those unsure PR Domains as well.
 - The PageRank could be validated.
 - The PageRank is fake.
 - The automatic PageRank check could not validate the PageRank.

Are all orange PageRank Domains worthless/fake?

Of course not. It just means the PageRank check could not validate the PageRank. It just means Google removed the domain from its index and that happens all the time. One reason for this can be that the domain does not resolve anymore and why should Google keep a domain in its search engine index that does not resolve to a website anymore. For orange PageRank Domains you have to make sure yourself that the PageRank is valid.

Are there other ways to validate PageRank?

  • If you are unsure if the PageRank is real, you can take a look at the links pointing to the domain. A PageRank 5 domain with 0 backlinks is most likely not what you want.
  • Because the fake PageRank results from a redirect to another domain, you can just check for that. If you visit the domain and get redirected to a different domain you should be vigilant.
  • Another good indicator for this is the Alexa ranking page. Alexa has the same problem with redirects, but if you visit the Alexa ranking page for ABC.com, you would see the stats for the real site (XYZ.com).

Will a Pending Delete Domain or Deleted Domain get the old Pagerank back?

The PageRank is calculated from the links pointing to the domain/url. So if the links to the domain will not be removed after you registered the domain, you should get the PageRank back (or close to it in some cases). There are no grantees for this, but my experiences are that you will get it back. The domain has to resolve, it has to be in the Google index and you have to give it some time. Just try it out and make your own experiences with it!

Monday, 25 July 2016

What is Pagerank?

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PageRank is a scoring system basted on web-page links made between the pages. An important page will have many referrals from other sites because of its quality content. Thus, people at Google will give it a mark between 1 to 10 (10 being most important) for each page of a website, depending on its importance. 
This is so far the best method of determining the importance of a page based on votes or links. The higher the page rank of the page is, the more important that certain page will be on search engines.

Note: Pagerank is applied differently on specific pages on your blog or websites, Let's say your homepage is on Pagerank 2, then some of your contents may of pagerank 1, 2 or 3 depending on how popular and search engine optimized it is.

 What is Pagerank
How do you know what pagerank you have?
That’s easy!; just install Google Toolbar or check online on PrChecker.

How is PageRank calculated?
First you need to know that the formula for calculating the Pagerank is secret. Here you have a
simplified version of the algorithm in use:

According to Sergey Brin and Lawrence (Larry) Page, Co-founders of Google, the PR of a webpage is calculated using this formula:

PR(A) = (1 - d) + d * SUM ((PR(I->A)/C(I))
  • PR(A) is the PageRank of your page A.
  • d is the damping factor, usually set to 0,85.
  • PR(I->A) is the PageRank of page I containing a link to page A.
  • C(I) is the number of links off page I.
  • PR(I->A)/C(I) is a PR-value page A receives from page I.
  • SUM (PR(I->A)/C(I)) is the sum of all PR-values page A receives from pages with links to page A..

If we neglect the other factors we will see that Pagerank grows by the voting we get from sites with high pageranks and a few numbers
of votes given to others (there are many discussions on this subject, opinions are divided). Also our pagerank will not decrease if we vote others.

So, Google’s algorithm is a secret. We can't imagine how complicated it really is. Google is one of the largest companies in the world with a great financial power. Their main product is the search engine, the core of the business, they certainly invest and will invest huge amounts of money in it.

If you got a high PageRank it means that you don’t have bad results and thus your site is mark as important to search engines. 

There are some issue that some blogs that have a lot of contents, still doesn't have even a pagerank of 1. This is because the search engine doesn’t correctly interpret the page content, meaning it doesn’t understand the subject or witch words are more important. 

It is therefore important that before we create quality content we must make sure that we have a suitable structure that can be read by Google.

In conclusion, Pagerank does affect a lot to the site's overall performance, not just on search engines but also to readers, if you want to have a decent pagerank then you can start with creating unique and quality articles or contents to your blog.

Some Viewpoints of a Successful Blogger

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You have something to express and tell, You love sharing your thoughts and have the ability to write and read, great! these are just the minimum requirements for blogging. But what qualities and viewpoints should every blogger have if He wants success to his blogging career? It would be wise to know some blogging thoughts and fundamentals if you want to develop and climb your way through the blogosphere ladder.

 Some Viewpoints of a Successful Blogger

Your Blog Your Home
At first impression of a blog when you would want to create one is that you might think of it as a book, but no! Your blog should be viewed as your home, as the place where you would want to write the things about yourself and share some ideas that's quite pleasing and interesting for you.

The positive results of blogging ]

 Developing Yourself
Every time you blog, try not just to stick on the ones that you have already knew, as your blog's blogger you will also need to develop yourself and try to learn something new, by means of researching or by observing things you encounter, don't just hold back immediately instead give time to develop yourself because learning new things would help you ease on what to blog about and at the same time it will enrich your knowledge.
 Being Professional
Sometimes, there just things that might cause you to lose your self control over something that's unpleasing and annoying to you, for instance; a criticism about your blog, try not to fall into this as it will only lead you to destruction, be open minded on the things that you will encounter whether it's positive or a negative one.
 Learn From Your Mistakes
It's a lie when somebody say they're perfect then they are lying, even the most successful people make mistakes but what differs them from others is that they learn from their mistakes and make it as their formula to success, things may not always go very well along the way but with the right decisions and from what you've learned from a past mistake, you'll be more then prepared and capable to take on any challenge that comes along the way.
Don't blog "just for the sake of something", because blogging should be fun and it is a place where you would want to unleash your creativity, and the more you write and share your ideas, the more you will know and learn about yourself. Don't hold back on expressing something you have in your mind, because your readers love your blog the way it was and the way you have creatively write something about stuffs that interest you.

With a concrete foundation, it will lead to a better way of doing something and that means knowing some of the viewpoints of a successful blogger and applying it to ourselves will lead a better way to success.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

The positive results of blogging

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Where on information and social age and blogging have become very interesting. It lets you explore the wide world of web and boosts some of your creative ability. Now, let's get into the benefits that you might never knew you could get from blogging.
It gives you a fun hobby
Blogging is the best way to tell the world about what you think or what you want to share. it gives you a fun hobby and not just that, you could also get a profit from doing it. Isn't that nice? You are having a fun time and at the same time you are having a decent profit.

 positive results
It makes you smarter
If you're blogging to have a profit from your blog then you might occasionally have some problems with your blog, such as having low traffic, no readers, negative comments, etc. These things sure gives you a a lot of headache but if you take on it positively and try to solve these problems, will in turn makes you more smarter. You gain experience and you could use it throughout your career.
It gives you exposure
Absolutely one of the most appealing positive results of blogging, if you are a blogger you will surely get some or even high exposure (Assuming that you have readers on your blog). It's not that hard but it's not that easy also, Go explore the blogosphere, make some comments and you'll surely get some exposure for yourself in return.

More friends
Yep, more friends! Getting to blogging will surely get you more sociable. In the blogosphere, you will meet different kinds of people. May it be people with the same as you or people with totally different mindset as you. You will surely meet some.
Blogging is fun and you could even use it to your advantage. There are certainly a lot of things you can associate from the word "Blog" but the best word that you can associate it to is "You".

Saturday, 23 July 2016

How to avoid being lazy in blogging?

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Being lazy and unproductive lately? Well, we all have that kind of mood sometimes. But if it affects the productivity of your blog then you'll really have to move on and do something! 
One of the biggest reasons why a lot of bloggers fail to create a community is by being lazy. Indeed, there are times that we are out of ideas or we don't have the right motivation to continue and go on type anything. And if you're on that situation, don't worry! Here are some things that you might consider to avoid or recover from a blogger's block.

Get sources
There are some sites offering great source of knowledge or ideas. You can browse the net for your sources, you just need to understand what's being said on a particular blog post and there you have created a new idea for your next blog post. You can also refer to our past post about the things you can publish when you're out of ideas.

Remember, it's "fun"
Com'on! Blogging is not just about being serious or doing things for the sake of something. It's also for fun right? Make the best out of the moist from blogging. Get yourself motivated by thinking the things you'll earn from doing it and be passionate about the topics you would like to share.
Use updates!
Have you tried to blog about something that is time sensitive? Well, there are somethings that you might blog on the past that you can blog now. You can post updates! You can recreate your posts like creating a version 2 of a certain post. It's also a nice way to attract more readers since they'll give you credit for the effort to enhance your posts.
Be optimistic!
Try to be more optimistic about your blog. There are a lot of cases in which bloggers quit blogging because they're to pessimistic about their blog's outcome. Instead of thinking what's "not" possible, try to think what's possible if you continue to grow your community. Remember, profitable blogs are not made overnight (don't try to be fooled by those "gurus" telling you to be rich overnight).

All the tips above were good but no one can make you stop being lazy but you yourself only.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Benefits of Blogging

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When blogging started, the first blogs were really glorified online journals, and in all likelihood, becoming a professional blogger and making money online wasn’t the goal. Since then, the blogosphere has evolved, and now people blog for many different reasons. There are even distinctions among types of blogs - business, lifestyle, fashion, food, and entertainment blogs, among others.
While the blogging scene has developed over the last decade, the benefits of blogging are still plentiful. Here’s a list of reasons why people blog and how blogging can benefit your personal or professional life.
 Benefits of Blogging

Express Yourself and Share Your Passions
The landscape has changed, but there are still countless blogs that serve as a platform for people to voice their ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Whether your passion is business, personal finance, cooking, politics, photography, or marketing, blogging gives you the opportunity to connect and network with like minded individuals who share the same passions.
Make A Difference
Some people’s passions lean toward supporting a cause. Whether it’s a political, environmental or social cause, a blog is a great way to build awareness and garner support.
Share Your Knowledge
If you’re someone who loves to teach, starting a blog can provide the opportunity to educate others interested in your field of expertise. The best part is that, as you build resources on your blog to teach others, you may realize there is a chance to monetize your blog by creating educational products or services online.
Refine Your Writing Skills
The more you write, the better you become at it. Most professional bloggers write on a regular basis and therefore analyze and proofread their writing constantly. You may even get feedback from readers to help you become a better writer.
However, being a good writer is not a prerequisite for a successful blog. Many very high profile bloggers are self-proclaimed terrible writers, and part of their success could be attributed to their message of “If I can do it, so can you”.
Learn How To Make Money Online
Most people start out with one blog, but along the way, they gain experience and eventually generate ideas for blogs in other niches. What you learn from your initial blog - the dos and don’ts, marketing strategies that are effective, how to make money blogging, etc. - will help you accelerate the growth of future ventures.
Build Your Professional Network
Blogging is a community-based endeavor, and networking is one reason people engage in it. Whether you are a entrepreneur or blogging to market your business, building relationships will facilitate your blog’s growth.
Meanwhile, growing your online network has its own side benefits, such as gaining access to valuable software and tools, seminars, workshops, product unveiling, and other events.
Earn More Exposure
Businesses create blogs primarily to expand their online presence, connect with potential customers, promote their brand in a positive conversation, and even generate online revenue.
Beyond the immediate results, businesses use content marketing to rank their posts in search engines, thereby generating residual leads and revenue.
Become an Authority in Your Industry
A blog can be utilized as a platform to showcase your knowledge and expertise. Publishing blog posts that are accurate, timely, relevant, and informative will eventually get the attention of industry insiders and earn you recognition as an authoritative source and thought-leader.
Build an Online Portfolio
Blogging is a great way for aspiring authors and freelance writers to build up an online portfolio. By showcasing their writing skills on large platforms with expansive reach, freelancers can grow their exposure and sign new clients.
Market Your Business
For companies and entrepreneurs, gaining online visibility is one of the best ways to grow subscribers, leads and ultimately revenue. This can’t be achieved with a static corporate website. Creating blog content that is valuable, helpful, and/or entertaining is an effective way to grow your website’s authority, online rankings, and traffic.
Starting A Blog Today
As the internet and technology become more ingrained in our day-to-day lives, the benefits of blogging or building a website become impossible to ignore. However, unlike in the early days, bloggers don’t need to have computer science degrees or HTML knowledge. Software such as WordPress.org and “how to start a blog” guides have made it simple and easy to set up a blog in 15 minutes. If you’re unsure of whether blogging is right for you, use a free blogging platform for a few months before transitioning to a self-hosted solution.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

What is Blog & Blogging

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So you’ve heard the term “blog” and you want to know what blogs are all about. Well you’ve come to the right place. In this series of articles we will take you from asking what a blog is to having all the knowledge you need to start a blog of your own.
Over the months and years you will be able to share your thoughts with hundreds or thousands of readers, promote yourself, your business or your cause and you may even earn a full time living from your blog.

So What Is a Blog?

Let’s begin with some definitions. A bit dry, we realize, but this is a necessary evil. First we’ll define the word this whole site is based around – blog.
What is Blog
A blog is a frequently updated online personal journal or diary. It is a place to express yourself to the world. A place to share your thoughts and your passions. Really, it’s anything you want it to be. For our purposes we’ll say that a blog is your own website that you are going to update on an ongoing basis. Blog is a short form for the word weblog and the two words are used interchangeably.
Here are a couple of other definitions:
“…the first journalistic model that actually harnesses rather than merely exploits the true democratic nature of the web. It’s a new medium finally finding a unique voice.”–Andrew Sullivan
“[a] collection of posts…short, informal, sometimes controversial, and sometimes deeply personal…with the freshest information at the top.”–Meg Hourihan


As so often happens in the English language, many derivatives of the word blog have been created. One who participates in the activities of maintaining a blog is known as a blogger and the activity of keeping a blog is known as blogging. So we could say that the blogger blogs in his blog, but that might cause your English teacher to weep. We are going to use these terms with alarming frequency, so make sure you understand what they mean before you go on.
Blog (noun) – a journal or diary that is on the Internet.
Blogger (noun) – a person who keeps a blog – Bloggers are revolutionizing the way news is shared.
Blog (verb) – to write a blog – I am going to blog before breakfast this morning.
Blogging (verb) – the action of writing a blog – Blogging is my way of sharing my passions with the world.
Originally blogs were known primarily as places for people to write about their day-to-day activities. Their mundane, everyday tasks became fodder for journal entries. Somehow these writers gained a following and the hobby of blogging was born. Today people write about far more interesting topics, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Who Blogs?

So who are these fearless people who would be willing to post about their lives in as public a forum as the Internet? They are people just like you. Once the haven of technical know-it-alls, blogging has suddenly caught-on as a legitimate hobby and has entered the mainstream. Every day millions of people, some of whom have no technical ability whatsoever, write on their blogs.
To meet this demand some amazing tools have been created that will allow anyone, even people with very little knowledge of computers, to have their own blog. If you can find your way onto the Internet and follow some basic instructions you can have your own blog. It’s just that easy.

Why Do People Blog?

So you may be asking why anyone would want to have their own blog. We believe the answer lies in the fact that every human has a voice and wishes their voice to be heard. The Internet is a medium that is unparalleled in its reach. Never before have average people like you or me been able to reach a global audience with so little trouble. Bloggers have the opportunity of reaching hundreds or even thousands of people each and every day.
There are still many people who like to share the details of their days. They may post twenty or thirty times a day, detailing when they ate lunch and when they headed home from work. On the other hand there are bloggers who give almost no detail about their lives, but write instead about a hobby or interest of theirs. They may dedicate their blog to something they are passionate about.
In fact, today’s blogs can provide hair tips, up-to-date news, technical information, celebrity scandal, political rumor, gets people involved in volunteering, advice on investments as well as there being blogs on cooking, health, gardening, sport, blogging blogs (this blog) and of course many personal blogs and quite a few strange blogs.

Over to You

What are your favorite blogs? Are you already blogging? Thinking of blogging? What will you blog about? Do you have any concerns about blogging?
Courtesy: Blog Basics